“7am. Dusty Road. I’m gonna drive until it burns my bones.”

I guess it’s only natural that the first post is always the hardest to generate. It brings so much pressure with it, like the outfit you wear on a first date. It can set the tone for everything still to come, or it can fail miserably. Luckily for me, this blog is not for you. It’s success will not be determined by whether or not it is read. My only goal is to write. This is a journey, not a destination.

Ok, I’ll be completely honest, I always am. Yes, it would be nice if people read this – if only to hold me accountable for following through. For a long time now I’ve considered myself to be a writer, even though I never actually finish writing anything. A writer who doesn’t write. A writer in a world where no one reads. I typically start things, get less than half way finished, then convince myself it’s trash and delete it. I don’t think I’ve finished a single piece of writing in over 5 years. Hopefully this blog will change that. With a blog, I’m immediately putting myself out there. Completely and utterly exposed. And there is no real end. I can write as much or as little as I’d like without having to harshly judge the overall product. This is my test, my personal writing experiment. The only way I fail is if I fail to write.

If you do plan on following along with me on this journey, you should consider significantly lowering your expectations. Even though I’m writing while I’m traveling and I’ll most likely be writing about my travels, this wont be a “travel blog”.  I won’t be posting tips. I won’t be offering advice. I won’t be attempting at add any significant value to your life. I won’t be writing about the 15 best backyard bbq beers while backpacking in Berlin. I won’t be showcasing Munich’s many magnificent money saving meals. This isn’t Buzzfeed. I won’t even promise to edit each post for proper grammar. I’m simply here to write what’s on my mind. It might be deep and emotional, or funny and light-hearted. Shit might even get pretty fucking vulgar at times. Some posts might be lengthy, some posts might be short, some posts might include pictures, but no posts will be for you.




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