102 – 17 Hours in Dublin

“A man wishing to be unhappy finds many ways to prove his course.”


Oh Dublin. What have you done to me? Why did you have to be so damn awesome? Now, I have no choice but to plan a full trip here instead of simply seeing the city on a seventeen hour layover. You know what I love about Dublin? Well, ok, I loved all of it, but what I love the most? I love it’s overall awesomeness. It doesn’t really have any standout landmarks or events to bring people in. There is no main attraction here that tourists line up for hours to get a glimpse of. It’s just generally a cool place. Let me start from the beginning.

When you last heard from me I was beer-less and dinner-less in LAX. That actually worked out for the better because the flight had this banging beef-stew for a meal. Aer Lingus is definitely a quality air line. The customer service was great, the flight amenities were perfect, and, I had a free seat next to me. Granted that had nothing to do with them and everything to do with being under booked, but it was still something that made my flight more tolerable and so I’ll be adding that to my Pro’s column. Getting through Dublin airport was easy as well. After informing customs that I was only here for a night and adding another stamp to my passport collection, I was free to set foot on Irish soil. Actually, almost forgot, before I left the airport I got some Euros from an ATM. Then, when I asked the cashier for smaller bills she said, “those are small bills”. I had 50s. Bitch. Makes for a funny story though so I’m glad it happened.

I took a bus to the city center, one of those cool double decker ones that we don’t have in the states. Missed the first bus though because apparently, (as I would find out later after missing the first bus on the way back to the airport as well) simply standing at the bus stop isn’t enough to get the driver to stop. You need to actually wave him down. I mean, you might just be standing at the fucking bus stop for fun right? Prick.

First and essentially only stop in Dublin was the Guinness Storehouse. Basically just a big museum about all things Guinness. Perfect place to spend an afternoon in Dublin. The first floor is a huge shop with memorabilia, and if I didn’t still have 14 days on vacation I definitely would have filled my bag with delights. After the shop is two floors explaining the process of making Guinness and its history, then it’s a floor about the marketing campaigns they’ve had over the years, then it’s a floor where you do a “wine-tasting”, but with beer of course, then we had a class on how to pour a perfect pint, and finally, the bar/restaurant floor. This experience alone was enough to make the lengthy layover worth while. I couldn’t find much on google about popular tourist attractions, as I mentioned earlier, so I decided to just hit the streets and walk around. Walking here without have cellular data, i.e – no GPS, would be a huge pain in the ass, because, as far as I could tell, the streets had no signage what so ever. I actually went the wrong way twice and had to double back. Who the hell designs streets and doesn’t label them? Asshole.

Luckily I have an app called maps.me that works without data as long as you download the maps beforehand. It was having issues providing step by step directions, but I didn’t really have set destinations in mind so just using it as a map worked fine for me. Really loved all the architecture here. And they seem to have a ton of streets just for pedestrians so it’s a great place to enjoy on foot. After walking around for a few hours I found a pub that was playing the Germany soccer match, ordered another Guinness and some more beef stew (even better than the airlines beef stew), and relaxed for a bit. Dublin feels like a city I could live in for some time. It’s busy, it’s a little dirty, and the people weren’t the most welcoming, but all of thats fine because it’s real. Real life exists in Dublin. Too bad I know Munich is going to blow it out of the water.

Anyway, I’m back posting from the airport again as I wait to finish my flight. Dublin airport is quite nice, but it’s really dead this time of night (1am). They didn’t have anyone stationed at the security check in, and the next departure isn’t even scheduled until 5am (my flight is 7am), so I can’t get to my gate where I planned on attempting to nap, but at least they have some tables where I’m able to write. If you call this writing anyway. I feel like I’m going to look back and say, “damn episode two was boring”. Well, future Jay, I’m a little bit tired and kinda sore and my vacation technically hasn’t even started yet so you can fuck off if this is boring to you.

Uh-oh, battery is on 17% and there aren’t any outlets on this side of the terminal so I guess I’ll need to wrap this up. Overall, I’d say day one was a smashing success. I didn’t make any Irish friends, so that was a bit of a let down, but I’ll try and make up for that in Germany. 13% now. Is it just me or does this battery life suck? Alright, same time tomorrow?


Vacation Beer Count – 3 pints

Vacation Step Count – 20,239



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