104 – The Cure for Ignorance 

“The invention of the ship was the invention of the shipwreck.”

Back at breakfast in the hostel. 4.50 euros is a very fair price for an all you can eat meal containing juice, coffee, bread, lunch meats, fruit, cereal, and pastries so this will be a no brainer for the rest of my time in Munich. Waking up on time to catch it shouldn’t be an issue either considering my excitement levels and my confined sleeping quarters. The hostel room isn’t terrible by any means, it just gets quite warm. It’s essentially a room with 3 sets of bunk beds and a full bathroom. I thought it might be awkward having the bathroom right in the room, but I’m finding people typically only use the rooms for sleeping and the occasional shower so there’s rarely anyone in there. And I haven’t had a solid shit since Tuesday so that always awkward occasion has been averted. Oh I’m sorry, is my chaotic constipation not something you wanted to read about? Well if I’m going to feel uncomfortable (because of the whole sharing my story on the internet deal, not from the constipation) then we might as well all be uncomfortable together. 

I have had moments where I’ve felt some anxiety around being so exposed, but here I am still writing. If nothing else, I figure it’ll be a great reminder of my travels. We never remember the little details. I’m on the bus now heading down to see a castle so I’m writing this on my phone. Almost thought I was going to miss the bus because my map wasn’t loading, but Germany actually has street signs (unlike fucking Dublin!) so I found my way the old fashioned way. Speaking of Dublin though, the two girls I met the other night were also recently in Dublin so I brought up the lack of street signs and they noticed it as well. 

As I was trekking the city yesterday, I started to think about if i would actually like to live here. Would staying here full time cause it to lose its charm? Am i only so in love because of how different it is here compared to what I’m used to? I like to think I still would simply for the accessibility of Europe. If I wanted to take a 3 day weekend in Vienna or Prague or even in other German cities, I could accomplish it easily. I think we all have that itch for something else. Something new. Something different. Southern California serves as a good host though. As long as I can keep using 3-4 weeks a year for international travel I think I’ll be good. For now. Or not, who knows? I don’t have the answers to these questions, I just follow the things that bring me happiness. Tomorrow the things that make me happy could be completely different. 3 years ago having a nice car was something that made me happy. Now I don’t even have a car. 

Back to yesterday though. Did some light exploring in the morning and then took a train up to the soccer stadium that hosts my favorite team, Bayern Munich. Still don’t understand the subway system here, no one ever checked if I had a ticket so anyone could pretty much just walk on. Maybe the honor system is big here. I actually had two different people ask me for help, I guess I look like I know what I’m doing at least. Or maybe I just look like a German. The stadium is huge. And gorgeous. As soon as you leave the train stop you can see it in the background. I pictured walking to a match surrounded by supporters, something I’d love to experience some time. As I waited for my tour to begin, I hung out in the arenas beer garden, because, you know, in Germany everything has to have a beer garden. I bet it gets crazy there on match days. They even had a kiosk to play FIFA on PlayStation. Both the tour of the arena and the Bayern museum were fun. Learned a bunch about the history of the team. 

After leaving the arena, i took the train halfway back and got off at a random stop. It wasn’t completely random because I knew where I was, but I didn’t have things planned to see around there. Of course there still were things to see though. From there I walked over to the largest park in Munich, Englischer Garten. Place is huge, twice the size of Central Park in New York. There’s a small river running through it that has a man made wave for surfing. I don’t know how they did, but the current is manipulated with rocks to make a perfect surfing spot. Apparently people come from all over to surf there. The river itself looked awesome too. People were just floating down in, no rafts or anything. No idea where they left their belongings. Must be that honor system again. It took everything in me not to just strip to my underwear and join in. Might still go back and try it actually. 

By the time I got back to the center of Munich I was roasting. Decided to stop at H&M for some shorts because I only brought jeans and it’s been too hot for that shit. Of course all the shorts were, let’s say, European style, but I think I rock them well. 

The Brazilians Bernardo and Carlos were waking up from a nap when I returned to my hostel so we decided to go clubbing again. It was their last night in Munich too, hopefully my next set of roommates are as cool as they were. I actually enjoyed hearing about Brazil and we exchanged contact info. Travel truly is the cure for ignorance. 

Before heading out to the club we stopped at the hostel bar to get some cheap drinks in. Clubs here don’t even open until 11pm anyway so we had time to kill. Met some more people and saw the same girls from the previous night as well. Two of the girls were actually German, from a smaller town nearby, and only came to Munich for the night. (Exactly what I was talking about when I said Europe is more accessible!) 

Just looked out the bus window and realized I’m missing some mountain views so I think it’s time to wrap this post up. I’m not taking time to proofread though so hopefully there’s not too many typos in here. 



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