106 – 42,000 Steps

“Walking is the only form of transportation in which a man proceeds erect – like a man – on his own legs, under his own power. There is immense satisfaction in that.” – Edward Abbey

Well, my new roommates suck. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. They don’t suck, they just can’t compare to my original ones. The Brazilians just set the bar very high I guess, which is something I never thought I would say. Currently staying with me are a couple from Nebraska on a 2 month backpacking trip, some guy I know nothing about, an Italian and a guy from Taiwan. I know the most about the Italian and the guy from Taiwan because they spent quite some time talking the other night when I was resting up from my castle trip. I was hoping to return from the castle and find some new drinking buddies, these two were not it. It took them about 10 minutes just to exchange names with each other because their accents were so strong and their english was so limited. Yes I’m making fun of them. If you can’t laugh at everything, you can’t laugh at anything. Apparently they were both here attending some huge physics conference and are probably geniuses so in reality they will be making fun of me once they are famous scientists. I was tired from my long day anyway so I just rolled over and went to sleep, without any beers.

Sunday brought about another lengthy day. I woke at about 7am, that seems to be the time my internal clock has chosen for me as I wake up everyday around that time. After my normal routine of breakfast in the hostel I started my walk. It was Sunday morning so most of the shops were closed and most of the streets were empty. I guess Sunday’s are still a pretty big deal around here. The theme of today was, pretty much, walk around and look at cool shit. Really, that’s it. I don’t always need to be doing something. Sometimes just walking, and seeing, and living, are enough for me.

My first destination was the BMW museum. I think even if you didn’t like cars, you would enjoy it here. The buildings themselves are masterpieces. The museum had a very refined and futuristic feel to it; all of the walls were lit up with white lights and the technology was incredible. Step on certain parts of the floor to hear stories behind the cars or the engines or the history. Simply walk past screens in the walls to watch clips of the past. Attending here would be something I’d easily recommend, but then again, so is everything I’ve experienced thus far in Munich. Across the street from the BMW Museum is a place called, BMW world. It’s a big show room for current BMW and MINI models, but it was free to get in and it was pouring down rain outside so I chose to check it out as well. I’m pretty sure if I had the money I’d have left there with a new car, BMW knows exactly what the fuck they are doing when it comes to building quality machines.

It was still raining outside, but it was only supposed to last for another hour or so and I had my rain jacket anyway, so I decided to continue my walk. Located right by the BMW building is the site of the Munich olympics. Some of the arenas are still used, but mostly it’s just a giant park now. If I lived here I’d probably come everyday to exercise. The buildings that once housed the olympic athletes are now apartments, but they looked quite vacant with the rain, so it felt like I was walking through an apocalyptic film set. Over at the lake area of the Olympic park, they were hosting some sort of water sporting event called, Munich Mash. It was surprisingly busy even with the rain. They weren’t doing any water events until the afternoon, but the fair itself was going on. They had various food trucks and other sponsorship booths spread throughout the park. Guess I chose the right day to walk through here. I made two laps around the entire park because I didn’t want to miss anything and it was all so beautiful anyway. I remember reading stories about how in some countries they host the olympics, but it’s a waste of money because afterwards the grounds turn into a sort of ghost town. This is clearly not the case in Munich. They park is so well kept I bet they could host the next olympics there and have everything ready in time.

From there, I walked 3 miles over to the Nymphenburg Palace. I didn’t know much about this place, but I saw the word Palace and figured why not. Holy shit it was huge. I didn’t get to go inside the palace itself at all, but the grounds were amazing. Lots of fountains, and trees, and canals, and lakes. I can’t say for sure what any of it is for, but I plan on doing more research on this place. Enclosed in the palace grounds was too much land for just one person to have owned. Or maybe not, I don’t know. There were so many forest trails and hidden historical buildings one could spend an entire day there exploring. At this point though, the only garden I was interested in, was a beer garden, so I started walking back. I thought there was one nearby, but I couldn’t find it using my offline maps app, and I didn’t have Wifi, so I decided to just head back to the hostel. By this point I was borderline limping, but I just wanted to keep on walking…and looking at shit. This is exactly why I spent so many days walking back and forth to work while “training” for this trip.

Once back at the hostel, I took a shower to freshen up, put on my new european style shorts, and went back out to find a beer garden. One of the closest to the hostel was the historic Hofbrauhaus. It has apparently become more of a tourist trap, but I really just wanted to sit, watch some soccer, and unwind for a bit. This was not the place to do that. A beer garden is a great place to hang out…with some friends. It’s not really a place to go alone, the one downside to solo travel in Germany. I looked around for a group to join, but no one really looked willing to make friends with a stranger. Also, there weren’t any TV’s here, so I wouldn’t have been able to watch the soccer match. I left there and walked across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe. I know, I know, I’m in Germany what the hell am I doing going to a Hard Rock? I’m ashamed as well. But, they had a bar with the soccer match on, so it much better served my needs at the moment. Downed two beers, watched the German second team dismantle Cameroon, and had a decent dinner.

By the time I walked back to the Hostel it was 8:30 and I had walked 42,113 steps in one day, a new personal record. My plan was to go down to the hostel bar for another beer and to write a blog post, but my legs said “fuck you mate, we’re done for the night”, and so I just curled up for a nap – an 8 hour one. So now it’s Monday morning and it’s my last full day in Munich. Tomorrow I’ll be checking out and boarding a bus to Berlin. I don’t have many plans today, but hopefully something will come up. I’m taking a walking tour (yay, more fucking walking) in a bit, but nothing for certain after that. Maybe I’ll try and convince the nerds in my room to go for a drink – could always use more smart friends.


Vacation Step Count – 142,054


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