111 – Time is Running Out

“It’s better to stay somewhere nice for too short, then stay somewhere bad for too long. ”

I want to do my laundry and put away my clothes. I want to make my bed. I want to go grocery shopping. I want to walk to the fridge for a glass of water. I want to clean my ears, clip my nails, and trim my beard. I want to do all the things that we would normally consider chores in daily life. I want to eat an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and watch Netflix all day.  I want to order Taco Bell at the drive thru and eat at home while playing X-Box. I have two more days left in Berlin, and I’m going to enjoy the hell out of every single second of them, but I think I can safely say that I will be ready to go home. Backpacking and solo traveling are fucking exhausting. I don’t know how people do month long trips of this. I need some sense of organization, some form of structure. I’ll need a vacation from this vacation.

Being Introverted doesn’t mean I can’t interact socially, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to, but it does mean that I need my alone time to recharge. I need periods of time where I’m not around other people to rest up. When you are sharing your personal space with 3 or 5 or 7 other strangers, that alone time is nonexistent. Thankfully I’m out of that other hostel so I can actually enjoy myself a little more for my final days in town. When I checked out yesterday morning I didn’t waste anytime getting out of there. I just put all my clothes in my bag, ate breakfast (I will miss those amazing ham and cheese croissants though), and made the walk to my current hostel. I was way too early to check in of course, but I had to get out of there. Did some exploring while I waited to check in, went to the Pergamon Museum, then walked back and sat around for the remaining time left. The Pergamon museum, by the way, was a complete waste of time and money if you ask me. Yeah the babylon gate is pretty cool to see, and it’s also kind of amazing that they were able to salvage it from ruins in Turkey, but I’ve seen plenty of old rocks already. Go to Greece, at least their old rocks are pretty much all still in the original location.

I was the first person to check into the room here so I actually had some time to myself for a change. And this hostel only has two bunkbeds in the room so there was space to spread out my bags and get some of my things organized. You don’t know how good that actually felt. Took a shower, finally! I had been through 36 sweat soaked shower less hours. Multiple layers of varying cologne samples kept the B.O. at bay. I just had zero desire to try and use the closet shower contained in the previous hostel room, so I had to make it work. Once I felt satisfied that I was clean again, or as clean as you can get in a tiny hostel shower, and my beard was oiled and smooth again, I took a walk to grab some food. Nothing eventful there, but when I got back my new roommates had arrived – a group of 3 girls from Australia. Not sure why you wouldn’t just get a hotel room and split it 3 ways instead of each paying for a bed in a shared hostel room, but at least they are cool. It probably could have been really awkward if they were some really private group of people and I was just staying in the room with them, but it seems to be working out so far. I’d have taken anything over the last hostel though honestly.

The girls went to get dinner so I decided to head up to the hostel bar. It was still early so it wasn’t too busy, but I was hoping to make some kind of night happen. It was Saturday night after all. Since it was kind of chilly, and I didn’t really pack for this weather, I had my galaxy hoodie on. First thing the bartender said was, “Thats a nice jumper there”, in her British accent. The streak continues. After a few beers at the bar, and only talking with the bartender, I decided I’d need to take matters into my own hands if I was going to make any kind of Saturday night happen. First, some back story. A new co-worker of mine, who was hired for our new location, heard I was coming to Berlin and told me about a friend he has living here. He linked us up on Facebook and this friend invited me to a small party he was having. It was an hour walk away, and I still wasn’t comfortable with the public transportation system here, so I told him I probably wouldn’t make it over. But the bar was boring and I had 4 beers in me so I said fuck it, told him I was heading over, and jumped on the train. Luckily I didn’t have to switch trains at all so it was an easy trip over.

Didn’t make it back to the hostel until the sun was rising at around 5:30am, that’s the kind of Saturday night it turned out to be. I actually expected to have to move quietly into the room to avoid waking the 3 Aussies, but they were still out when I got in. Clearly Americans know nothing about proper partying. Our clubs close at 2am, when we left the club last night it felt like it hadn’t even peaked yet. We actually went to two different locations last night after leaving the apartment. I don’t really know much about where we went, I was just following along. Took like 8 different trains, never paid once. Part of me was thinking, probably should buy at least some form of ticket, but the other part of me was like, fuck it, no one else is making a move to pay. Somehow ended up with a miniature bottle (although, I should mention that European miniature’s are apparently 3 times the size of ours) of Jaegermeister. No one else was taking any so I guess it was all for me. One of the guys made a claim that if you drink Jaegermeister you won’t get a hangover. That turned out to false. Our group consisted of my connection, Bryan, and 5 people from Georgia, the country not the state, one of which was Bryan’s roommate. I’m assuming the first place we went to was some kind of underground Georgian club. We were walking through a tunnel, turned through an unmarked door, walked past the bathrooms, and entered into what looked like a 1930’s New York speak easy. There was a small bar on one side of the room and a small stage with various instruments on the other side. Apparently they had noise complaints and that’s why everyone was just sitting and talking, no music on or anything. One of the guys from Georgia played the piano for a little bit until we all agreed that we should move on.

After taking another 5 trains (and a bus for some reason) we found our way to a different club. This one had a much more energetic vibe. The first room was the bar area, the second room was a dance floor area, and in the back of the dance floor was another bar. Oh and in between the first bar and the dance floor was some kind of room with foosball tables and possibly pool, but I was too drunk to memorize floor plans. In the very back were steps leading downstairs into what felt like a crypt where you could check your jackets/bags and also find the toilets. I don’t know if was actually wet down there, or if that’s just how basements in Berlin feel, but I’m pretty sure just hours before it was completely submerged under water. Checked my hoodie because it was 100 degrees in the club and went upstairs to dance for a bit. The music wasn’t the best, definitely not the techno that Berlin is known for, but it did the trick and was better than no music. I don’t think we stayed there that long, but I wasn’t really monitoring the time at this point. I’m glad we decided to leave when we did though because I was starting to feel the morning approaching. Somehow we took two different trains and ended up on the exact one I needed to be on. Got off at the stop I started on and easily navigated back to my hostel from there. I’m sure it wouldn’t take me too long to master the system if I lived here.

Today was mostly a recovery day. I did wake up early enough to catch breakfast, but I didn’t have much of an appetite, and the breakfast here can’t compare to that ham and cheese croissant anyway, so I just left and went back to bed for some time. I woke again around 130ish when the girls were deciding to get up as well. Still had a bit of a headache and it was raining, so I took my time getting up. Once I did get dressed though I took a walk outside for a bit. Nothing is open in Germany on Sunday’s, so I just walked through a few touristy areas. Luckily I made it back just before it started down pouring again. Now I’m just finishing this post up and then heading out to watch the final soccer match of my trip here. I found a sports bar called Belushi’s nearby. It’s a chain restaurant so it won’t be anything authentic, but sometimes that’s easier for me anyway. Who wants to sit alone at a nice restaurant? Two full days left on this adventure of a lifetime.


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